Valentine’s Day | 4 Product Hacks to Increase Your Restaurant or Café Profitability

Boost your restaurant or café profitability – and productivity – this Valentine’s Day with these four food preparation product hacks from Pac Food.

With thousands of star-crossed lovers flocking to restaurants and cafes on February 14, don’t miss your opportunity to capitalise on the surge in covers!

With potentially greater pressure on your kitchen – and maybe even multiple sittings during one service – you need to be savvy about your menu choices to ensure that you’re plating up a romantic supper for two that doesn’t sacrifice texture or flavour.

This is where your menu planning and food prep is crucial. It will either make or break your Valentine’s Day.

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Here are Pac Food’s four product hacks:

1. Use Cook Chill Bags to make bulk soups or sauces

If you’ve got soup or a special sauce on the menu our Cook Chill Bags are a great option so you can plan ahead and cook in bulk up a few days ahead of time.

The bags give wet dishes a longer shelf life, meaning you can make larger quantities less often.

  • Available in various sizes, 1- 10 litre bags
  • 115 micron, strong with extra barrier
  • 2 Bottom seals for extra strength

And even if you end up with leftovers you can pop them in the fridge/freezer for a few extra weeks or even months (the amount of time will depend on the product, freshness and ingredients).

View our range of Cook Chill Bags here.

Cook Chill Bags

2. Portion and par cook meat and vegetables with Vacuum Sealing Bags

If planning to serve succulent and tender meals to your couples, you can use the Vacuum Sealing Bags to sous vide beforehand. Then once an order has been placed you can simply grill the meat or vegetables.

These bags can also be used to portion out vegetables before cooking, which will help cut food waste and cooking time in your kitchen.

  • 70-100-120-200 micron options available
  • High-quality product
  • Available in numerous sizes
  • Our 70-micron bags are perfect for sous vide

View our range Vacuum Sealing Bags here.

3. Using Food Prep Bags for short term food storage

One of our more recent product developments is the Food Prep Bag. Designed for short-term fridge storage solutions, benefits include:

  • Preventing cross contamination
  • Bulk food preparation for salads, veggies, sides
  • Lightweight and easy to use, cut down on cleaning
  • Available in 4 sizes

Simply prep a meal or part of it, place the food in the bag, seal and refrigerate until you need to.

Vacuum Sealing Bags

4. Label Pac Food bags clearly for kitchen efficiency

We know it sounds obvious, and most kitchens will already do this so consider it a friendly reminder.

We recommend that you label your bags with the contents and date it was prepared, to ensure you can find what you need easily.

 Increase Your Restaurant or Café Profitability on Valentine’s Day

We hope you’ve found these product hacks helpful.

At Pac Food we are staying on the forefront of cooking technology when developing our food packaging products.

For advice on which items will suit you and your kitchen best, give our friendly team a call today on 1800 823 200 or enquire online here.


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